For a number of reasons, a weight loss procedure can fail to allow the patient to reach his or her goals. Whether it is gastric banding (Lap Band/REALIZE bands), gastrectomy/gastric sleeves, gastroplasty (stomach stapling) or gastric bypass surgery, a failed procedure is both disappointing and a major health issue.

A failed weight loss procedure can be defined as one that has resulted in:

  • Less than 50% loss of excess weight
  • After initial weight loss, the body regaining nearly all of its weight
  • An intolerance to normal foods
  • Signs that the overall quality of life is diminishing
  • Additional health issues caused by the procedure

Unfortunately, thousands of people need to be rescued from these situations. The good news is that the doctors at NYC Surgical Associates are world leaders in dealing with and correcting failed procedures performed by other surgeons.

These situations generally have three root causes. The first is the failure of the restrictive procedure to work correctly because it was originally done incorrectly (technical in nature). Although this is rare, unfortunately there are some occurrences.

Second is a mechanical failure that is the result of food transit or body pressure disrupting the procedure.This is more common.

The third reason is adaptive: that is, the body has adapted to the surgical modifications created by the surgery and created malabsorbtion.

The wonderful news is that through NYC Surgical you can experience a complete return to the health you anticipated and be back on the road to reaching your weight loss goals. Our 100% based fluoroscopic (x-ray guided) adjustment can detect problems and resolve them early on. When it comes to band repositioning, after a decade of experience we have developed an anti-slippage approach that can bring you peace of mind.

Don’t leave a conversion procedure to chance. Rely on the world leaders who have the experience and the expertise to get you back on track. Lose weight, not hope.