What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery (also known as sleevegastrectomy) is a weight loss procedure that purposely restricts the amount of food that you can eat because you feel full more quickly.
In this procedure, a thin, vertical sleeve of stomach (approximately eight inches long) is created using a stapling device and the rest of the stomach is removed. This effectively reduces the size of the stomach permanently and drastically, keeping the rest of your anatomy intact.
This means that there is no rerouting of intestines and the complications associated with that process like in the traditional gastric bypass procedure.
Food passes through the digestive tract as usual and is fully absorbed into the body.

Why Choose Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Patients who have elected this approach have been shown to experience significant weight loss and improvements in their health. Research over many years reveals that they lose an average of 55% of their excess weight. At NYC Surgical we perform all gastric sleeve procedures using the double-buttress technique that prevents leaks, pouch enlargement and failure, which are the typical problems associated with gastric sleeve surgery at less experienced centers.

Why choose NYC Surgical Associates?

NYC Surgical surgeons are consistently ranked in the top of their fields nationwide, both by peer surgeons, as well as patients alike. Our zero infection rate and extremely high experience with thousands of successful procedures is a testament to our attention to detail and perfectionism.

With a multitude of specialists on staff, including bariatric surgery, anesthesia, plastic surgery and vascular surgery, as well as a host of adjunct clinical specialists, we are well equipped to care for all of your medical needs surrounding your procedure and beyond.

Because all of our physicians , anesthesiologists, and facilities are under one umbrella, you will never receive numerous bills or be hit with surprise costs outside of what was originally discussed with you prior to your treatment with us.

We will take care of your entire insurance approval process from beginning to end, and do our best to minimize your out of pocket costs should your insurance allow this.
You will know what to expect, medically, financially, and surgically, and be in the best hands throughout. We know how to put your mind at east throughout this entire process, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible.