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About Repair Without Mesh

The ideal hernia repair method fixes the hernia with a very low recurrence rate and without the very common chronic pain issues afterwards. One of the most ideal hernia repairs is a well done no mesh hernia repair surgery.

At NYC Surgical Associates, 85% of hernia repairs are no mesh hernia repairs. We have become extremely adept at understanding the nuances of this technique, resulting in superior patient outcomes for our New York and New Jersey hernia repairs.


Benefits of No Mesh Hernia Repair

The problem with mesh hernia repairs is the procedure leaves a piece of foreign material in your body. This means your body can end up rejecting the foreign material, causing hernia mesh pain and other chronic pain.

A tension free hernia repair without mesh, on the other hand, leaves nothing in you. This no mesh approach to the procedure is more advance though, so the procedure should only be performed by properly trained and experienced surgeons in these advanced techniques.

In some patients, it is necessary (for a variety of reasons) to place prosthetic mesh, but because we are experienced with all types of repair at NYC Surgical Associates, we pick the right method for you.

Using the ideal treatment plan tailor made for each patient, offers the best results and risk/benefit profile for your particular issue.

Need Hernia Repair Surgery in New York or New Jersey?

For details regarding no mesh hernia repair surgery at NYC Surgical Associates, contact us today. Our hernia specialists perform no mesh hernia repair in New York and New Jersey facilities.

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