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About Hernia Repair With Mesh

For hernia repair, no mesh hernia repair is often the preferred route (even though the procedure is technically challenging, and should only be done by experienced surgeons). However, some situations arise when hernia repair with mesh is inevitable and necessary.

hernia-repair-with-meshHernia Repair with Mesh: The Issues

There are two main problems with prosthetic meshes used in hernia repairs:

  1. They rely on an inflammatory reaction in order to correct the structure of the defect they are placed in. Inflammation typically can cause chronic pain, which is one of the main complications after hernia repair.
  2. They are a foreign body. That means that if an infection develops, they have to be removed, which is a far greater problem than the initial repair.

At NYC Surgical Associates we avoid this issue by using bioprosthetic meshes in most cases. These meshes degrade over time when placed in the body. This means they are replaced by your own tissue over time, and disappear, resulting in a far lesser chance of any prosthetic mesh complications.

These meshes are far more expensive than prosthetic, but we believe in their use to the extent that we use them without passing the additional cost on to our patients. Our results speak for themselves with zero infections from bioprosthetic procedures, and zero cases of chronic pain after implantation thus far.

Suffering From Hernia Pain?

If you are currently suffering from hernia pain, contact NYC Surgical Associates or call 888.286.6600 to learn more about your options for hernia repair surgery.

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