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Understanding Your Pelvic Pain & Back Pain Treatment Options

Did you know that a very common cause for pelvic and back pain, including failed back syndrome, is vascular in nature? This is because veins, just like herniated discs, can bulge and put pressure on nerves in the lower back and pelvis.

The most reliable symptom to determine whether this is due to vascular causes is that it gets worse with prolonged sitting and standing. This is because veins only bulge when you are upright, so sitting and standing cause the veins to distend, which causes pain. Typically this will improve to some degree if you elevate your feet and legs above the heart.

Typically we can correct these problems with no incision and minimal downtime.

Visit NYC Surgical Associates for noninvasive testing, and let us help you understand your condition and treatment options today.

Surgery For Pelvic Pain & Back Pain

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