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The Slim-Line Hernia repair is a technique for abdominal wall hernias pioneered by Dr. Greuner during which he is able to address the hernia, even redo and complex repairs, as well as typically tightening the waistline and abdominal wall skin through a hidden tummy tuck incision.

In traditional and current standard hernia repairs, surgeons address the life threatening issues with a hernia, which is simply the hole in the abdominal wall, with a mesh. However, hernias also have an inherent structural component.

When a hernia is large enough, the hernia defect or hole also causes the muscles of the abdominal wall to contract inefficiently due to the large gap in the muscles. In Dr. Greuner’s Slim Line repair, the muscles are re-aligned, in order to restore normal anatomy, and re-establish appropriate, efficient muscular contraction.

This is particularly important in active individuals, who tend to get hernias at a younger age. Restoring normal muscular anatomy also typically tightens the waistline, shrinking it back to its normal pre-hernia size. Excess skin that may have accumulated due to the patients medical condition is also removed at the same time as the repair, typically achieving not only a fully restorative hernia repair, but also often narrowing the waist and tightening the skin of the abdomen.

The level of skin tightening and narrowing of the waist depends on the size of the hernia. It should be noted that while many patients are candidates for this procedure, not every patient is. A full discussion with Dr. Greuner or one of the other specialists at NYC Surgical will help you decide if this is the procedure for you.

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