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Lipedema Surgery

Lipedema Surgery & Treatment Options

NYC Surgical Associates specializes in minimally invasive lipedema surgery and treatment options including lymphatic-sparing liposuction. Our lipedema experts are trained in the very latest minimally invasive techniques to ensure our patients receive the best possible care with minimal downtime.  

Learn more about the arm and leg lipedema treatment options offered at our 5-Star AAAHC rated lipedema clinics across New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.

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"The entire staff is beyond friendly and go out of their way for the patients. Dr. Greuner did an amazing job! I already feel such relief in my legs. He and the staff are absolutely wonderful!"

-Kate S. of Manhattan, NY


What is Lipedema?

Lipedema is an underdiagnosed and often unrecognized, chronic progressive inflammatory disorder of adipose tissue that leads to swelling and fat deposits in the legs. It primarily effects women, and it is estimated to effect 1 out of every 10 females.

What Causes Lipedema?

There is strong genetic component to lipedema. It runs in families and individuals have a much higher chance of having lipedema if it occurs in a close relative. There is also evidence that lipedema is triggered by hormonal factors and trauma. It rarely happens before puberty, it is often made significantly worse by a pregnancy, and it rarely effects men. Any kind of injury or illness can precipitate the beginning of the swelling associated with lipedema.

Why is Treatment Important for Lipedema?

Treatment is important because if lipedema is ignored there are some irreversible changes and damage that occurs in advanced stages. If treatment is initiated at an early stage is can prevent the advancement and disfigurement that happens in advanced lipedema. Lipedema is not a cosmetic problem. Lipedema causes significant pain, immobility, and disability in those effected. Although lipedema is a poorly understood process, it is well established that treatment is necessary to give patients back a decent quality of life and slow the progression.

How Does NYC Surgical Associates Treat Lipedema?

NYC Surgical Associates is at the forefront of lipedema treatment and lipedema surgery and our practice uses a multidisciplinary approach to managing lipedema that involves non-operative management including manual lymphatic drainage, therapeutic wrapping, compression and nutritional optimization as well as procedural interventions such as lymphatic-sparing, microcannula liposuction followed by staged body lifts to address redundant skin following removal of dysfunctional adipose tissue.


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