Is your butt being affected by gravity in ways you don’t appreciate? Men, do you have small shoulders, abs or a chest that you wish was more impressive? We all know that curves are the key to a stunning physique, and excellent proportions are the way to accomplish that athletic look. One of the newest, proven procedures performed today in modern surgery is called autologous fat grafting.  In this procedure, healthy fat cells are removed carefully from other areas of the body, prepared for grafting, or or reimplantation, and grafted using other specialized instruments into other muscles in other areas of the body to provide shape, structure,  and volume. Not every patient is a candidate for this procedure, and a full discussion is necessary, but for those that are, it is an excellent approach that typically involves almost no scarring, excellent results, and the ability to reshape stubborn areas. Excellent areas for this procedure include the shoulders, chest and abs in men, and buttocks, breast, and hands in women.