Do you have stubborn areas  of fat that are diet and exercise resistant? That just refuse to go away no matter what you try? We all do, and if these areas a fouling your plans to sculpt your best physique, we are here to help. Lipodystrophy is the medical word for these areas, anywhere on your body, from your eyes to your ankles, and now, there are minimally invasive solutions, without the scarring, and without the irregular results that you see from more traditional forms of liposuction. Modern technological approaches allow us to even take these stubborn areas of fat, and use it to bring out, shape, lift, and sculpt muscles other places in the body. Sick of the saddlebags? Done with your double chin? Had it with fat arms? Lets slim it down, and use the fat to shape other areas to get you to your goal. Interested? Read on.