We regularly treat patients from around the United States and abroad, so we are accustomed to treating patients with a limited schedule. Our flagship New York City office is conveniently located on the Upper East Side near various hotels and public transportation, making it an ideal location for out-of-town patients.

Prior to meeting at the office, you can consult with staff via email, sending pictures and descriptions of the issue at hand, and medical history. Once we have the required information, an administrator will set up your appointments, and personalize an Intensive Treatment Program adjusted to your stay. The program consists of 2-3 extensive sessions in the same day, over the course several days.

Upon your return home, if for some reason you need post treatment care and are unable to come back to New York City, we will direct you to a local specialist.

  • Treatment Preparation: Contact us 2-3 months prior to when you want to get your treatment completed, so we can plan for your intensive treatment and healing time
  • Email Consultation: Prior to you arriving in New York City, you may have an Email consultation, so we can get an idea of your condition ahead of time.
  • Schedule: We advise you plan to take off 4-6 days for your treatment, depending on how severe your condition is and how long it may take to heal. It’s important to clear your schedule just in case it takes longer than expected.
  • Consultation: Once you arrive at our office, we will review your preliminary plan and explain which treatment we will be performing. We will determine approximately how many appointments you will need and schedule them appropriately.
  • After Treatment: Once you are back at home, if needed we will direct you to a local specialist for post treatment care.