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NYC Surgical Associates Operating Rooms

Accredited State-of-the-Art Operating Rooms

Our state of the art operating facilities at NYC Surgical Associates are fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.



Accreditation by AAA means that our facility meets and complies with strict criteria and guidelines that help us meet our strict standards for quality care and excellent patient outcomes.

Patient outcomes are tracked and reported and no expense is spared to maintain our track record of ZERO post operative infections to date, at all of NYC Surgical Associates’s facilities.

Should you require intravenous sedation or general anesthesia for your procedure, our anesthesia staff will be consulted to present options for your procedure that will maximize safety as well as patient comfort. All of our on staff anesthesiologists are trained in regional nerve blocks, allowing us to block the specific nerves pertinent in your procedure. This minimizes narcotic usage and pain, to allow you to get back to function as quickly as possible.

Our anesthesia, nursing, and technical staff are all the same teams – all from NYC Surgical Associates, and all familiar with our day-to-day procedures, to ensure that there is never any inexperienced clinical provider involved in your care.

NYC Surgical Associates goes to great lengths to ensure that there are the fewest amount of variables involved in your care, and it shows in our results.

Read more about our accreditation grades.

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