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Mission Statement

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NYClinic was created to offer our patients a longer and healthier life. Founders Dr. David Greuner, Dr. Adam Tonis and Dr. David Luu are promoting non-invasive screening, risk assessment and public awareness of the four most preventable risks of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, even in asymptomatic patients: sudden death from heart disease, stroke, Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolus, and Peripheral Vascular Disease.

“The public needs to be informed of the risks and enormous cost of cardiovascular disease,” says Dr. Greuner, a leading cardiovascular surgeon and co-founder with Dr. Tonis of NYC Surgical Associates, a multi-specialty surgical practice in the NYC metro area. Dr. Tonis serves as Chief Operating Officer. “NYClinic provide painless, noninvasive screening at accredited facilities at all of our locations with cutting edge, industry leading ultrasound technology,” says Dr. Luu, a renowned heart surgeon based in Paris, France.

The founders of NYClinic share a passion for philanthropy and have informally merged their charitable organizations, NYC Surgical Cares and The Heart Fundto implement a worldwide screening program for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. “We are combining our philanthropic efforts and utilizing our resources to make a greater impact,” says Dr. Luu.

All NY Heart Clinics locations offer specialty medical services, imaging and diagnostics, and laboratory testing. The clinics also offer an Executive Health Program including preventive medicine, health management, life coaching and corporate wellness services. “The ‘Check-Up Executive’ service provides cardiovascular screening and comprehensive testing,” says Dr. Tonis.

The Private Medical Club at NYClinic features exclusive services for members to provide important health advantages, accessible through a worldwide network of medical professionals.

“NY Heart health Clinics have created a unique cardiovascular screening program to provide companies with exclusive on-site screening,” says Dr. Luu. “Our philanthropic efforts provide surgical care, medical education and equipment in developing countries.”

NYClinic’ mission is to provide leading edge screening, diagnosis and treatment for cardiovascular disease combined with public awareness programs and international philanthropy to help people live longer and healthier lives, wherever they may live.

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