NYC Surgical Associates: Endovascular and Image Guided Intervention Fellowship Programfallow

The fellowship program in endovascular interventions at NYC Surgical Associates is a 12-24 month (depending on individual progress) high volume, interventional specific program that trains physicians and surgeons of the appropriate clinical background in all aspects of the diagnosis, pre and perioperative management, as well as the postoperative care of the patient concerned. Our practice is unique in that it treats almost zero peripheral arterial disease, which is the focus of most interventional programs, as our patient population is typically younger, averaging from 30-45 years of age.

Diagnostic ultrasound testing is done in American College of Radiology accredited on site labs, and offices contain AAAA accredited operating suites.

Our case volume ranges from 150-300 cases monthly, with 4 staff surgeons, and a standalone team of 3 staff anesthesiologists led by the director of anesthesia services, Jason Hanks, MD, well versed in our procedures, including intraoperative management. Each anesthesiologist is skilled at regional nerve blocks, making admission for any of our patients for pain a very rare circumstance, and leading to a more seamless outpatient experience.

Our surgical program is led by our surgical director, David Greuner, MD FACS, and the practice sees patients at offices, each with their own standalone AAA accredited ambulatory surgical facilities. Fluoroscopy guided venous interventions such as venograms, venous stenting and angioplasty, the utilization and training in intravascular ultrasound, and the full range of deep endovenous procedures including IVC placement, both peripheral and pulmonary thrombectomy and recanalization of chronically occluded vessels are also performed.

Indications, physical performance of, and interpretation of duplex ultrasound testing as well as preoperative workup, postoperative care, and when to choose which modality is taught as well as didactic teaching for venous disease. Ultrasound guided procedures, including venous ablation, as well as a host of complex vascular access procedures including transhepatic access for portal venous intervention, transpelvic, and translumbar access is taught.

Treatment of arteriovenous and venovenous malformations, surgery for lymphedema, both interventional and otherwise, as well as a multitude of embolization procedures are commonplace, ranging from the treatment of fibroids and hemangiomas, to chemo and radioembolization for malignant disease, led by the director of Radiation Oncology, Leonard Farber, MD. Disease of the hepatic and renal systems are treated regularly, including embolization for angiomyolipoma, and angioplasty for fibromuscular dysplasia.

Other interventional procedures, such as treatment of abscesses, cysts, collections, pneumothorax, and seroma drainage is taught using ultrasound guided procedures.

Payor requirements, stipulations, coding and criteria are learned during the fellowship, as well as administrative nuances.

Opportunities for clinical research are readily available, and in fact encouraged. Participation in at least on research project is mandatory for each candidate during the fellowship period, as is credentialing in the RPVI certification process.

Should interest merit, training also exists in complex hernia work, including large reoperative hernia repair, mesh excisions, and a multitude of reconstructive repair techniques, as well as surgery post massive weight loss and reduction mammoplasty assisted by our on staff plastic and reconstructive surgery team, Victor Rosenberg, MD FACS and Outside Consultant, Ryan Neinstein, MD, after proficiency in interventional procedures is obtained.

Continuing medical education is mandatory for fellows, and one endovascular specific meeting per year will be funded as part of the fellowship. Membership in certain related medical societies will be funded, and certification as a registered vascular technician is required and facilitated prior to certification of successful fellowship completion.

We at NYC Surgical Associates believe in excellence and dedication to patient care above all else, and are highly selective in our acceptance criteria. Should you feel you fit the mold and are interested in applying please submit a CV and cover letter to