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Pace-sealOur surgeons at NYC Surgical are well respected in the medical community in regards to techniques, cutting edge modern techniques and also active in the research and lecture community disseminating and receiving knowledge to and from our peers.

Our surgeons are not only published authors in peer reviewed journals, but also on editorial boards of several peer reviewed publications, a testament to their widespread and respected knowledge on diseases and conditions they treat.

This being the case, NYC Surgical is accredited as a Continuing Medical Education provider, which means that we are held and credentialed by a very strict standard to hold appropriate conferences in order to inform and teach other physicians on diseases we treat, options available, and how to diagnose and manage pre and postoperative patients.

We believe teaching what we know, and giving back to the medical community at large is on of the ways we can impact and improve modern surgical care, among many others.

This is what we are about at NYC Surgical. Improving care. Local and remote, in every way possible, during every day possible.

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