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NYC Surgical Associates Featured in Vascular Disease Management

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Is Underdiagnosed and Undertreated In a recent issue of Vascular Disease Management, Clinical Editor Craig Walker, MD reviewed and commented on the article “Current Clinical Management of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome,” authored by NYC Surgical Associates’ Dr. David Greuner and Danielle DeMarco. Below is an excerpt from the review: “I have decided to …

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How NYC Surgical Associates is Protecting You from Coronavirus

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Health Alert: To help NYC Surgical Associates provide the safest care for all of our patients during this time please do not come to our facilities if: If you have fever, cough, body aches and/or shortness of breath; or If you (or someone close to you) have recently traveled outside the USA, …

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Innovative Treatment for Overactive Bladders

Overactive Bladder Treatment NYC Surgical Associates, a leading multi-specialty surgical practice with five locations across the New York Metro area, is pioneering a unique approach to treating overactive bladders through a simple corrective procedure to relieve pressure from blood pooling in the veins surrounding the bladder, a condition that can cause urinary frequency issues. While other treatment …

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Fibroids and Pregnancy

Fibroids During Pregnancy During pregnancy, most women experience no effects from fibroids. However, a small percentage of women may experience complications with their fibroids during their pregnancy. Small or even medium-sized fibroids are unlikely to have a significant effect on pregnancies. However, fibroids may increase in size over time as a result of an increased …

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Fibroids and Diet

Best Diet for Fibroids Although changing your diet will not get rid of fibroids, it could improve your symptoms. You may be able to reduce pain, or even get rid of it completely. Eating a healthier diet can also reduce your risk for developing more fibroids in the future, as it can help to balance …

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Fibroids and Exercise

Fitness & Fibroids As fibroids do seem to cause some pain, exercising can reduce that pain. Strengthening the body will help to manage pain. Exercise also produces endorphins, which are the hormones that make you feel good. When you feel good, you don’t feel as much pain. About Fibroids Fibroids are benign, hormone sensitive tumors …

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Hernia Types

Hernias There are a few different types of hernias, determined by location on the body. Hernias typically occur at sites of weakness, such as the umbilicus (bellybutton), the groin, previous incision sites, and other areas on the abdominal wall. However, it is possible for a hernia to occur in almost any area of the body, …

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Lipedema Exercises

Lipedema and Exercise As exercise will not reduce lipedema fat, exercise is essential to maintain good health. Exercise will help to reduce stress on the joints, increase lymphatic flow, and make you feel better psychologically. There are tons of workout routines to achieve all of the above, and improve your overall quality of life, regardless …

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