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Innovative Treatment for Overactive Bladders

Overactive Bladder Treatment

NYC Surgical Associates, a leading multi-specialty surgical practice with five locations across the New York Metro area, is pioneering a unique approach to treating overactive bladders through a simple corrective procedure to relieve pressure from blood pooling in the veins surrounding the bladder, a condition that can cause urinary frequency issues. While other treatment measures such as drugs and Botox can have unwanted side effects, this minimally-invasive procedure has been shown to yield a 95% success rate with total symptom resolution.

According to The Urology Care Foundation, as many as 40% of women and 30% of men in the U.S. experience Overactive Bladder symptoms. “An overactive bladder can be highly disruptive, both physically and emotionally,” said David Greuner, MD, a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, and Co-Founder & Managing Director of NYC Surgical Associates. “With this procedure, we are applying the basic principles of sclerotherapy for varicose veins to the veins surrounding the bladder, in order to relieve pressure that can contribute to an overactive bladder and urination frequency.”

After confirming the existence of dilated veins weighing on the bladder via ultrasound, the procedure involves blocking them off by threading a catheter into the area and creating a controlled clot using a gel-foam material. It is an outpatient procedure with no downtime, and patients can expect to see results within a week.

“This procedure can be life-changing for anyone diagnosed with an overactive bladder, and greatly improve quality of life where medications, and behavioral and muscle exercises fail,” said Dr. Greuner.

See the procedure featured on CBS with Dr. Max Gomez.

NYC Surgical Associates

A leading multi-specialty surgical practice in the NYC metro area, NYC Surgical Associates’ offices include fully equipped and accredited operating facilities, as well as privileges at top-rated ambulatory centers in both Manhattan and New Jersey. Clinical service areas include diagnostics, internal medicine, anesthesia, general surgery, vascular, weight loss surgery, orthopedics, and neuromuscular and pain, neurosurgery/spine, and plastic surgery. Co-founded by Dr. David Greuner,

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