Hernia Exercises

Exercise and Hernias

Exercising can be tricky when it comes to hernias, as it can both cause and prevent a hernia. Making or breaking your body is all about whether or not you are exercising correctly, and how you take care of your body in other ways.

About Hernias

A hernia is a breach, hole or gap in the normal barrier between the abdominal organs and the tissue muscles above. Hernias typically occur at sites of weakness. These include places such as the bellybutton, the groin, previous incision sites, and other areas on the abdominal wall. hernia-exercise

When you’re overweight or obese, your abdominal wall is constantly under pressure from your extra body fat. Over time, this will cause your abdominal walls to become weaker. If you currently have a hernia already, being overweight could cause the hernia size to increase as well. To avoid becoming overweight, or to lose weight, and to strengthen your abdominal wall, exercise and diet are key.

How to Work Out

Some workouts that strengthen the abdominal wall and do not apply a significant amount of pressure include yoga, pilates, dancing, lightweights, and aerobic activities such as running or cycling. These can all be done with a hernia, as long as you have gotten approval from your doctor.

However on the other hand, activities such as jumping exercises, squats, and lifting heavy can put your body at risk for a hernia, as there is pressure being exerted on your abdominal wall. If you choose to engage in these exercises, it is important to also be performing activities that strengthen your abdominal wall. Balance is key.

For somebody who may be lifting heavy, it is important to do so the correct way. For example, make sure you are lifting with your knees and not your waist. This will put more pressure on the legs rather than the abdomen. Be aware of your limits, and know when a lot of weight becomes too much weight.


Exercising is a very important part of life, and will improve your health and make you feel good. Exercising will have immediate or long-term health benefits, and regularly exercising will improve your quality of life. As long as you know your limits and do not strain your body from exercising, but rather strengthen it, you can prevent a hernia from developing.

If you have a hernia and are interested in seeking treatment to help you get back to exercising at your full potential, contact NYC Surgical Associates today.

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