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NYC Surgical Associates is one of NYC’s and New Jersey’s top experts in venous disease. We specialize in conditions that often include a venous component, such as varicose veins, uterine fibroidsherniaspelvic congestion syndromelipedema and lymphedema.

Our doctors have been educated and trained at some of the world’s most renowned medical institutions, including Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Harvard University and Cleveland Clinic, and are regularly represented on the nation’s most coveted “Best of” lists for medicine.

As a multi-specialty practice, our surgeons are dedicated to the least invasive, safest and most advanced treatments available to our patients. The result is a multi-disciplinary approach that features in-house experts across anesthesia, endovascular surgery and plastic surgery all working to achieve the best patient outcomes.

What Makes Us Different?

Impeccable training, compassion, talent and excellent bedside manner are the hallmarks of our surgeons and healthcare providers. 

At NYC Surgical Associates, we take patient feedback seriously. We realize that patient satisfaction is just as important as post procedure outcomes, and we strive to continuously improve the patient experience in every way.

From our state-of-the-art techniques and non-surgical treatment solutions, to our 5-Stared facilities conveniently located across New York and New Jersey – every decision and investment we make in our practice is tied to achieving superior patient outcomes.

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