How to Shed Weight after the Holidays

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How to Shed Weight after the Holidays

An endless selection of cookies, eggnog, pies, and gigantic meals makes weight gain during the holidays almost inevitable. Research shows people in the United States can gain significant weight during the holidays, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are some simple steps you can take for weight loss after the holidays.

Steps to Weight Loss after the Holidays

Drink water before and during meals to add volume and weight to your meal, which helps you feel full faster.

Set realistic goals, such as one or two pounds per week. Starving yourself in hopes of achieving fast results is bad for your health and usually backfires.

Take small steps to achieving those goals. Avoid the temptation to make sweeping changes in your life, as these can be hard to sustain over time. In fact, starvation even for a couple of days puts your body in prime craving mode, which leaves you in grave danger of binge eating. Instead, make one small change each week, such as exchanging your nightly cupcake for an apple.

Eat more often to prevent excessive hunger that leads to overeating. If you find yourself eating huge suppers because you are ravenously hungry, for example, try eating a low calorie mid-afternoon snack and reduce the size of your evening meal.

Eat nutritious meals. Good nutrition helps you stay feeling fit and energized even as you cut calories.

Give food cravings a time out. Food cravings often develop out of boredom or stress, and typically go away within a few minutes. When food cravings hit, identify your emotions and environment. Learn to avoid and control food cravings by going for a short walk or finding another distraction when similar emotions and environments arise – your craving for food will subside.

Set one-third of your meals aside when you go out to eat. In an effort to satisfy every customer, many restaurants offer super-sized portions. Ask your server for a to-go bag when you order your food and put a third of it in the bag when your food arrives.

Reduce your alcohol intake. Alcoholic drinks are high in calories; mixed drinks are the liquid equivalent of a rich dessert. Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions, leaving you vulnerable to snacking temptation.

Increase your activity levels so that you burn more calories than you take in.

Get enough sleep. Harvard School of Public Health cites several studies that show a strong connection between inadequate sleep and weight gain.

Have a cup of black coffee or tea, no sugar, if you run out of energy in the middle of the day. Coffee and tea have zero calories and plenty of caffeine.

Consult with a health care professional for more weight loss tips that help you lose weight and keep it off after this holiday season.


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